Sunday, November 22, 2009

Allow myself to introduce.......myself.


Caveat #1: I do not claim to be an expert on child rearing, teaching, disciplining, feeding, safety, coaching, or even calling my mancubs by their right names. I'm a father. A father with great faults and great love for my mancubs.

Caveat #2: Mancub = Son. I have four of them ranging from 11 to almost 3. Cade, Matthew, Luke, and Jacob.

Caveat #3: I will most likely violate all forms of formal writing and grammar. I may even write in caveats. I'm fairly certain I write/type much like I speak which means I will use lots of "..........." and commas. English teachers and've just been warned. Mom, this includes you.

I don't know many writers who start off using caveats. I'm sure they exist and they probably have adult attention deficit disorder. It's important to point out that this blog is for entertainment purposes only. If it makes you laugh, cry, claim it was "better than CATS" and that you want to read it again and again and again.....then great! If you walk away with a feeling of not "getting anything out of it", then keep in mind that it's not a sermon and go re-read caveat #1. I'll do my best to write down the stories and observations that for some reason have made an impression on my life. There's no rhyme or reason, structure, or schedule to these blogs. I'm simply highlighting some of the mancubs' journey and sharing what I've learned from these "wild" creatures as they all migrate in different paces to birthday number 18.

It's a safari. It's Romper Room. It's Mancub vs. Wild. It's Braveheart meets Parenthood. It's Life Lessons from Mancubs.

Until Life Lesson #1.........Good night.


  1. Hey - Welcome to blogland! Enjoy....

  2. I will spare your mother the trouble and tell you right now that commas go inside the quotation marks. I'm sorry! I can't help myself! Pray for me!