Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Move it!

The two older mancubs went with me on my business trip a couple of weeks ago. After work, we had about an hour of daylight and decided to walk down to the beach.

Side Note: We were staying in Pismo Beach. It's February. We were at the beach. Yep, February. Ahhhh.....California!

The tide was beginning to roll in. Cade, Matthew, and I started collecting sand dollars and shells. This lasted about 5 minutes before our combined ADD caused us to drop shell collecting and start a game of tag. I was "it" and chased them along the beach. The mancubs quickly went right and into the Pacific Ocean. Regardless of the time of year or the temperature outside, the Pacific Ocean is flippin cold. I gave up chasing them and I guess I'm still "it" as I write this blog. I pretty much just stood in the water not going past my calves. I say my calves, but I wasn't quite sure because I really had no feeling below my knees. Cade went in almost to his waist. And then there was Matthew......the only dry area on him was his head! I yelled to him, "Matty, aren't you freezing cold?" In a very warm, happy, and almost nurturing tone he responds: "Dad, you can't just stand there! You'll go numb! You have to keep moving!" And then jumped up over wave so that it wouldn't go over his head.

His words hit me about as hard as the biting cold Pacific water. Of course, I started moving and quickly warmed up. I was flooded with thoughts and questions as jumped around in the ocean. Matthew had no idea that he just spoke something way more profound than how not be cold in the water. I did a quick inventory of what in my life was numb due to inactivity. Am I "moving" and active with my relationship with my wife? With the mancubs? My job? Friendships?

If you're feeling cold and numb in areas in your life.....maybe you just need to move around!

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